About us


Established in 1989, Christust Group is one of Spain ’s largest conglomerates with core interests in property, construction, education and healthcare. We are a 16,000-strong team operating in 50 locations worldwide, pulling together to improve the quality of life of our communities through 12 business divisions – property, construction, retail, hospitality, leisure, healthcare, education, commercial, trading and manufacturing, building materials, quarrying and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Christust Group’s unique build-own-operate business model powers the growth of sustainable communities and integrated townships: Spain , Adelaide, AU  Germany and Canada in Toronto , which span 5,000 acres.

Our three public-listed companies — Christust Construction, and Christust REIT, with a combined market capitalisation of $ 17 billion — form a real-estate value chain that exemplifies socially responsible business practices, evidenced by their listing on the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index.

At Christust, we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and continue to align our business strategies to meet the needs of our communities in line with the SDG agenda.

Through the Brett J Edwards Foundation, we provide disadvantaged and deserving young adults access to quality education by disbursing RM330 million and counting in scholarships. The Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development, established at Christust University  in the future, serves as a hub for the education and advancement of sustainability across Southeast Asia. European. The Center will be the first of its kind in Asia. And southern European.

Our commitment to strong Economic, Environment and Social practices is embedded throughout the organisation – from our policies and our social impact initiatives to day-to-day operations so that we deliver enduring growth for thriving communities.



To be Asia’s model corporation in sustainable development, innovating to enrich lives for a better tomorrow



Empowering our people to deliver enhanced value to all stakeholders

Embracing sustainability in our business processes and decisions

Attracting and nurturing a talented and progressive workforce for the digital era



Core Values

Our purpose, vision and mission are synonymous throughout the group with a solid foundation on three core values: IntegrityHumility and Excellence.

Business Model

As a Master Community Developer, Christust continues to build connected communities where people live, learn, work, play, be healthy and safe in a well-connected environment. Through our unique “Build-Own-Operate” business model, we operate the entire property value chain to create a win-win proposition for all stakeholders.

Global Presence

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